Top 10 defence induction in Indian military in 2019

This year is going to be very reproductive for otherwise slow inductions of indigenous as well as imported technologies for Indian Arm Forces. Thus giving much needed capabilities enhancement to the military which is short of upgrades.

If everything goes as per schedule then Indian forces will see induction from attack submarines to attack helicopters and also the most awaited Rafale jet induction into the IAF.

INS Arighat :

Second nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine

After it s launch in Nov-2017, this second Arihant class submarine is expected to be inducted into the Indian Navy this year.

Arighat will have twice as many missile hatches as its predecessor i.e. it will be capable of carrying 24 K-15 Sagrika missiles or eight K-4 missiles ( range-3,500 km).

This submarine will allow Navy maintain high deterrence patrol in the Indian Ocean which was done by INS Arihant alone.

Agni-5 :

India’s only nuclear capable intercontinental ballistic missile

Before 2014, Indian government didn’t paid more attention to this missile’s induction. But with the Narendra Modi govt. and Ajay Doval’s strategy this missile is finally going to be inducted in the Indian Army.

A three stage missile, the Agni-5 is 17 meter in height, two meter wide. Till now this missile has completed seven successful trials. And its last trial pave the way for its induction into the Arm forces.

Agni-5 has a range of 5,000 kilometer with 1.5 ton payload, which can be increased to 8,000 km with the reduced payload.

VC 11184 :

India’s super-secret and first missile tracking warship

This is Navy’s first ocean surveillance ship and is capable of tracking the movements of nuclear missiles. It is built by Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL) with highest level of secrecy under the direct control of Prime Minister’s office routed through the National Security Adviser.

The work on the ship started on 30, 2014 costing about Rs 750 crore. The warship has a displacement of 10,000 ton and 175 m in length powered by two diesel 9,000 kW engines. The ship can accomodate 300 crew and has maximum speed of 21 knots i.e. 39 km/h.

With the induction of VC 11184 India will join the elite club of nation’s having their own missile tracking warships.