Pakistan might get so called Chinese “carrier killers”

China might sell Pakistan the new export version of Dong Feng-21D anti ship  ballistic missile (ASBM), which is called as China’s “carrier killer” weapon.

China can’t export this ASBMs to its all weather ally Pakistan as its range is 1,500 km. and as Pakistan and China are not the part of the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), which prohibits the export of missile with ranges over 300 kilometers.

However China has developed the export version of the “warship killer” ASBM, the M-20B, whith the range of 280 kilometers to adhere to the MTCR.

As Pakistani Navy will have to pervert Indian warships from approaching coastal targets like Karachi or Gwadar, the missile with  range under 300 km would suffice. And this is the main concern for Indian Navy as it would complicate the operational calculations. So Indian Navy is closely observing whether China supplies these missiles to Pakistan or not, said the Vice Admiral Pradeep Chauhan (Retr.), director of the National Maritime Foundation, the navy’s official think tank.

The ASBMs, which costs barely Rs 100 crore each, are cost effective counters to frigates and destroyers that cost over Rs 5,000 crore apiece, or a Rs 30,000 crore aircraft carrier.

According to the Chinese Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALVT), M-20B is capable of carrying payload of 480 kilogram that could be a smaller nuclear weapon or a conventional high-explosive payload. And the missile travels at high supersonic speeds and has a monoevurable trajectory, making it difficult for a warship’s air defence system to shoot down it. It is ideal for “rapid, precision attacks on frigates and destroyers”.

Chinese companies have record of overstating capabilities of their products to attract the customers. But even then it is matter of concern for Indian Navy as we don’t have the air defence system for our warships that could shoot down the ASBMs.

There are other options for Pakistan to keep Indian warships at bay such as the CM-401 missile, which its manufacturer, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), described as the world’s first “ultrafast ASBM.”

According to CASIC, the CM-401 uses a “near space trajectory”, flying 20-100 km above earth and maneuvering at hypersonic speeds throughout its flight, making it extremely difficult to intercept.

And here another shocking news, CASIC claims theCM-401’s 290 km warhead will strike a warships target nine times out of ten.

Okay, even if I accept that this type technology is possessed by the Chinese firm then it is bigger problem for US than India. But even now my heart doesn’t allow me to believe this as few weeks  ago Chinese firms had revealed that they are developing a cheap version of Brahmos missile that is equally capable of Indo-Russian jointly developed Brahmos missiles. And   it was cheap because Chinese company was targeting it for export. How can china just develop an equally capable missile like Brahmos that too at cheaper rate “ Probably this all is just their strategy to attract clients for their weapon systems because if this is the case then China should have first entered such weapon in its service because Brahmos missile system is among the best weapon system in its class, then why are they trying to sell it.”

So even if it there are probably of Pakistan getting such type of systems we must not believe these Chinese claims so easily keeping in mind their old records.