Amid controversy, 25% payment made to France for Rafale deal

Ignoring the controversy and after the clearance from the Supreme Court, Modi government has moved ahead with Rafale deal and has given more than 25% of payment to the French government for inducting 36 Rafale fighter jets.

As per the information provided to ANI, the first aircraft would be delivered as per the schedule to the Air Force by September 2019 but the plane will undergo extensive testing by Indian pilots to asses the India-specific enhancement. Let me remember you that the Modi government has paid thrice the the cost in deal per plane and India-specific features are also one of the factor in price rise.

Prime minister Narendra Modi had scrapped the old MMRCA deal and had opted for the purchase of 36 jets instead of 126 as was in the old deal. The deal was signed in September 2016 with an new offset clause and had costed India hopping 7.9 billion Euro (nearly Rs 59,000 crore ).

And the raised cost of the deal and selection of offset partner has created the controversy around the deal. But Indian Air Force were firm that there was no irregularities in the deal as it was in dire need of fighter jets.

The first batch of the four aircraft with advanced avionics and sensors other than the French Rafales would be ready for the delivery to India by the middle of 2020.